My Sassy Girl – Director’s Cut

Jae-yong Kwak
Ji-hyun Jun, Tae-hyun Cha

Gyunwoo, a listless college student, enjoys picking up girls, drinking with friends, and avoiding his mother as much as possible. Then, he meets “her.”

After a drunken girl on the subway calls him “honey,” pukes on a passenger, and passes out, Gyunwoo finds himself forced into a relationship he never wanted. Beaten with a vacuum cleaner, pepper-sprayed, held hostage at gun point, and chased by the Korean army, Gyunwoo is in the weirdest relationship of his life. Yet he finds himself falling in love with “her.”

• One of the most popular Korean films of all time, it soon became a cultural phenomenon – spawning various remakes including one in the US.

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