Jessica Hope Woodworth, Peter Brosens
Banzar Damchaa, Batzul Khayankhyarvaa, Tsetsegee Byamba
DRAMA 104min

Set in the frozen steppes of Mongolia, Khadak tells the epic story of Bagi, a young nomad confronted with his destiny to become a shaman. A plague strikes the animals and the nomads are forcibly relocated to desolate mining towns. Bagi saves the life of a beautiful coal thief, Zolzaya, and together they reveal the plague was a lie fabricated to eradicate nomadism. A sublime revolution ensues.

(Mongolian with English subtitles)


• Lion of the Future Award – 2006 Venice International Film Festival
• “A marvelously acted, brave and absorbing film. Catch it whenever and wherever you can.” – Salon
• “Gorgeous…Khadak is a trippy spectacle.” – New York Times

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